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Door Repair Services

JGQ door repair services encompass a variety of offerings aimed at addressing issues with different types of doors in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. These services are provided by professionals who specialize in door repair and maintenance.

Hinge Repair or Replacement

Repairing or replacing damaged or squeaky door hinges to ensure smooth and noise-free operation.

Lock and Latch Repair

Fixing issues with door locks, including jammed locks, malfunctioning latches, and key-related problems.

Frame Repair

Repairing door frames that may be damaged due to wear, weather, or impacts to ensure proper door alignment and function.

Door Panel Repair

Repairing damaged or cracked door panels, including wooden, glass, metal, or composite materials.

Weatherstripping Installation

Installing or replacing weatherstripping around doors to improve insulation, reduce drafts, and enhance energy efficiency.

Threshold Repair or Replacement

Repairing or replacing worn or damaged thresholds to prevent water infiltration and improve the door's seal.

Automatic Door Repair

Servicing and repairing automatic or sliding doors, ensuring proper sensor functionality, safety features, and smooth movement.

Door Hardware Replacement

Replacing worn-out or broken door hardware such as handles, knobs, locks, closers, and hinges.

Door Closer Adjustment

Adjusting door closers to ensure proper closing speed and latching, improving security and energy efficiency.

Glass and Window Repair

Repairing or replacing damaged glass or window panels on doors, enhancing aesthetics and maintaining visibility.

Security Upgrades

Installing or repairing security-enhancing features such as deadbolts, security bars, and access control systems.

Fire Door Inspection and Repair

Conducting inspections and repairs on fire-rated doors to ensure compliance with safety regulations and maintain their integrity.

Emergency Repairs

Providing prompt repairs for emergency situations, such as forced entry, vandalism, or structural damage, to secure the property.

Sliding Door Repair

Repairing sliding glass or patio doors, addressing issues such as misalignment, track damage, and roller replacement.

Garage Door Repair

Repairing garage doors, including issues with springs, cables, tracks, openers, and remote controls.

Consultation and Assessments

Offering expert assessments to identify door issues, recommend appropriate repairs, and suggest maintenance practices.

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