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Window Repair

JGQ window repair services encompass a range of offerings aimed at addressing issues with windows in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. These services are performed by professionals with expertise in window repair and maintenance.

Glass Replacement

This involves replacing broken or cracked window glass panes with new ones, ensuring the window's structural integrity, security, and energy efficiency.

Sealant and Caulking

Repairing or replacing deteriorated sealants and caulking around windows to prevent drafts, leaks, and moisture intrusion.

Frame Repair

Repairing damaged window frames, including wood, vinyl, aluminum, or other materials, to ensure proper fit, functionality, and aesthetics.

Hardware Replacement

Replacing faulty or worn-out window hardware, such as locks, handles, hinges, and cranks, to improve window operation and security.

Weatherstripping Installation

Installing or replacing weatherstripping to improve insulation, reduce drafts, and enhance energy efficiency by sealing gaps around windows.

Sash and Balance Repair

Fixing issues with window sashes and balances, which may involve realigning, lubricating, or replacing parts for smoother operation.

Foggy or Condensation Glass Repair

Addressing foggy or condensation between double-pane windows by repairing or replacing the seal to restore clarity and insulation.

Screen Repair

Repairing or replacing damaged window screens to keep insects out and improve ventilation while maintaining a clear view.

Security Upgrades

Installing or repairing security-enhancing features such as window bars, laminated glass, or impact-resistant glass to improve protection against intruders.

Energy Efficiency Upgrades

 Upgrading windows with energy-efficient options, such as Low-E coatings or insulated glass, to improve thermal performance and reduce energy costs.

Historic Window Restoration

Specialized services for restoring and preserving historic windows, including repairing woodwork, glass, and hardware while maintaining the original aesthetic.

Emergency Repairs

Providing prompt repairs for emergency situations, such as storm damage, accidents, or forced entry attempts, to secure the property and prevent further damage.

Consultation and Inspections

Offering expert advice and assessments to identify window issues, recommend appropriate repairs, and suggest maintenance strategies.

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